Alcools : The Machine is working. Trying to find some good sounds, psychedelic noises and artefacts. Fabrick & Research is proud to present you for the first time The Machine, a technical issue of psychedelic rock music, electro sensors and cold wave sonars. Due to some old interferences, distorsion and phasing components could still produce electric shocks, and we encourage you to use The Machine carefully. You can try it on severall websites before buy. ##&ù-%"^... syntax error
The eletronic data base :
The exploitation manual :
The engineers's team :
Pinkf Floyd - The Cure - Air
Approx. 180 kg of human meat
Bass G : Rodolphe GUILLARD
Mercury rev - Joy Division
Don't expose over 45°C in live
Keyboards : Herman MACHINE
Archive - Interpol - Kraftwerk
Min. enginee's activation : 4
All Guitars : Arnaud DURIS
Radiohead - King Crimson
Garanty void if not listend
Drums : Julien COULON